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Zelensky Will Talk After Russia's Defeat In Crimea

Estados Unidos pide en privado a Ucrania que se abra a negociar con Rusia, según 'The Washington Post'

Las autoridades estadounidenses piden a Kiev un gesto de cara a los países que están apoyando a su Gobierno para poder hacer frente a la invasión y sus consecuencias

... Zelensky acknowledges that if Putin leaves the Crimean peninsula, which Russia has occupied since 2014, and the other Ukrainian regions where his troops are now, he would be willing to sit down with him, as he stated in an interview with EL PAÍS on Wednesday.

Nothing suggests that this will happen in the short term, but, as the Ukrainian president's own environment points out, it is a change from the position shown in recent weeks by Zelenski, who went so far as to say that he would never sit down with the Russian leader. Moreover, he passed a decree in October declaring it "impossible" to engage in talks with Putin, although he leaves the door open to talks with Russia.

"We are ready for peace, a just peace," the president said in a speech on Friday, but clarifying that it must be achieved within the framework of the UN and the territorial integrity of his country. He also demanded that those responsible be punished and that Russia compensate Ukraine for all the damage caused. Shortly before uttering these words, Zelensky had received Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Adviser.

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