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Nuland-Pyatt Tape Removed From YouTube After 8 Years | Scheerpost - May 2022 |

Article has copy of transcript conversation

The removal of a video that had existed online for eight years raises major questions as it comes during the war in Ukraine. Corporate media has studiously avoided mentioning the causes of the current conflict, including NATO eastward expansion, the rejected Moscow treaty proposals in December, the civil war in Donbass and the 2014 coup in Kiev that led to the Donbass uprising and violent repression by the coup government.

Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call | BBC News - Feb. 7, 2014 |

In my diaries I covered the crucial weeks leading up to the Maidan Massacre and its aftermath with Russian speaking Ukrainians living in the South-East and Donbas.

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Regime Change In Ukraine - Who Bugged Nuland, An Embarrassment | Feb. 7, 2014 |

QUESTION: -- now, once we get into it. Quite apart from the colorful language that is used in reference to the European Union, the conversation appears to - well, doesn't appear to suggest, it does - the conversation shows that the United States certainly has - or at least officials within the U.S. Government have certain opinions about certain Ukrainian opposition leaders and others. And I'm wondering how that squares with your repeated insistence that every - all of this is up to the Ukrainians to decide themselves.

MS. PSAKI: It's not inconsistent in the least bit. It is no secret that Ambassador Pyatt and Assistant Secretary Nuland have been working with the Government of Ukraine, with the opposition, with business and civil society leaders to support their efforts, and it shouldn't be a surprise that at any point, there have been discussions about recent events and offers and what is happening on the ground. And as you know, Assistant Secretary Nuland is on the ground right now continuing our efforts in that regard.

It remains the case that it is up to the Ukrainian people themselves to decide their future. It is up to them to determine their path forward, and that's a consistent message that we're conveying publicly and privately.

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There is fear in Russia that the U.S. is egging the Ukraine into a renewed active conflict with its renegade eastern Donbass region and thereby into a war with Russia.

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