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Providing asylum to "our" terrorists ... also known as freedom fighters.

Turkey captures nephew of US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen

    Selahaddin was brought back to Turkey by agents from the National Intelligence Organisation

Global plot that lured Kurds' hero into trap | The Guardian - Feb. 21, 1999 |

    U.S. officials reluctantly acknowledged--after Turkish officials, including the prime minister, had already let the cat out of the bag--that Washington had tipped off Ankara that Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Öcalan was in the Greek embassy in Kenya.

    Turkish agents then grabbed him on his way to the airport and spirited him off to Turkey for trial. U.S. officials admitted that the arrest was the culmination of an intensive four-month effort by the U.S. and Turkish governments to snare Ocalan. American intelligence information and diplomatic pressure on countries to deny him sanctuary were the key to his capture.

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