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Management of five firms linked to Pegasus maker NSO is moved to London

The UK-based directors of the five companies recently asked an NSO Group employee based in Luxembourg to place a notice on the companies' premises announcing that the companies' management and activities had moved to London. They have also asked for the companies' server and electronic files to be moved to the UK as soon as possible.

The move could create political controversy. Privacy and security experts have documented a string of cases in which NSO's government clients have previously used Pegasus spyware against lawyers, campaigners and other individuals in the UK. The software allows clients to hack into any phone without detection and can turn a mobile phone into a remote listening device.

Last year, after the publication of the Pegasus Project, an investigation into NSO by a media consortium led by Forbidden Stories and including the Guardian, a group of 10 MPs and peers, including the Labour MP Andy Slaughter called on the then prime minister, Boris Johnson, to impose sanctions on NSO.

In their letter, the MPs said documented cyber-attacks against UK-based human rights activists and others in the UK represented "egregious breaches of domestic and international human rights law".

[US Department of Commerce did blacklist the NSO Group, several countries in the EU bought the software and I believe The Netherlands does it's part in Nine Eyes alliance, hacking Russia and drugs bosses]

Covered in several diaries in recent years ...

Draft Report: Committee of Inquiry to investigate the use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance spyware | EU Parliament |

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