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Rants lifted from a famous bar:
"There is exactly zero difference between doomsday nuts who, when the doomed day passes like any other find the most perfect explanations, and these doomsday nuts. Their cults, their superstitions, their superstitions, their blindness to reason are exactly the same. (bjd)

"VT has the following headline: False Flag or False Flag? Ukraine Clears Mine Corridors for Attack on DRP...and Russia? and an article to match.
Presumably, either the US got the Germans to agree that "If the Russians invade Ukraine we will foreswear Russian gas" OR they got fed up waiting for the Russians to attack." (Foolisholdman)

(i.e. keeping money in the Swift pipes while nuking NS2?)

"Since any "broad economic sanctions" would include kicking Russia out of SWIFT they would mean no Russian gas for Europe and no diesel for the US. Because they simply can't pay for it, banks would be technically uncapable of making the transaction. Today the Swedish foreign minister said: "There is an unhealty dependence on russian gas in Europe. We will have to see what the package of sanctions will look like in the end."

by Tom2 on Mon Feb 14th, 2022 at 08:50:10 PM EST
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