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It's never going to get old in the UK, swinging Munich and poor Neville Chamberlain around whenever someone isn't hot to go to war.  Neocons, including Wallace, remind me of Jon Hamm's character, the Archangel Gabriel in Good Omens: Of course there's going to be a war.  How else are we going to win it?

Wallace does a lot of chest thumping and virtue signaling, but he tips his hand:

Ben Wallace said that the potential for 'millions of displaced people - refugees - pouring from one European country to another hasn't been seen since the war and could potentially have a massive impact.'

We've had millions of refugees running around, getting herded into concentration camps, drowning in the Mediterranean, for over two decades now.  But THESE will be EUROPEANS and CHRISTIANS, so we'll be compelled to pretend to care!

by rifek on Wed Feb 23rd, 2022 at 05:08:43 PM EST
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