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France and EU to withdraw troops from Mali, remain in region
President Emmanuel Macron accused Mali's authorities of neglecting the fight against Islamic extremists and said it was logical for France to withdraw.

"Victory against terror is not possible if it's not supported by the state itself," the French leader told a press conference with European Union and African Union officials.

What is a Medaro Mining ad doing in an article about "predators" in Sahel?
Goldman Sachs: "Lithium Is the New Gasoline"
And now we see another trillion-dollar industry trend in the clean energy revolution... it has the potential to do to the 21st century what computers or the internet did to the 20th. And a company that we think could aspire to be a part of such a transformative trend like what Microsoft did to computers... or Amazon did to the internet, even if only on a much smaller scale. [...] The company that, we believe, could develop the technology to potentially become a future clean energy conglomerate is Medaro Mining (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA).
Malian politicians and international experts worry the French pull-out will result in a security vacuum that will embolden jihadi groups to increase their power.

But Malian army spokesman Col. Major Souleymane Dembélé said that despite the presence of French and European forces in Mali [since 2013], the country continues to be plagued by jihadists who have encroached in many areas.

"What have they given us?" he asked during a press conference. "Mali is not alone and will not remain alone. France and European countries can leave. ... Let's give it time and you will see what will happen."

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