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Former NATO Leaders to Trump: Don't Make Bad Deals with Putin | Atlantic Council - Nov. 16, 2016 |

US President-elect Donald Trump must not strike any deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin that turn Ukraine into a "bargaining chip," and must send a clear signal of commitment to the security of the United States' NATO allies.

Describing Putin as "a zero-sum player" and Trump as a would-be "transactional president," he said a deal between the two could very well come at the cost of the security of Ukraine and the Baltic States. "That is why NATO and, by the way, also the European Union, should take a very clear and strong position in this regard: that a transactional president does not get into this sort of agreement with a zero-sum player," De Hoop Scheffer said.

Scheffer and Rasmussen spoke in a conference call hosted by the Atlantic Council on November 15. They were joined on the call by Javier Solana, who served as NATO secretary general from 1995 to 1999. Susan Glasser, editor of Politico, moderated the discussion and Damon Wilson, executive vice president for programs and strategy at the Atlantic Council, introduced the speakers.

In an earlier interview with the New Atlanticist, Wilson described Russia as a wild card. "Key is that any deals made with Russia advance American interests and values, and do not sacrifice our friends, allies, and partners in the process," he said.

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