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NATO Ministers Seek To Keep Door Open To Ukraine, Georgia | RFERL - Feb. 20, 2009 |

In the face of Russian opposition to membership for Kyiv and Tbilisi, NATO so far has held back on offering the two countries formal invitations to join the alliance.

Moscow sees NATO's eastward expansion as an encroachment in what it considers its historic sphere of influence.

However, NATO has offered to increase military and political cooperation to help both Kyiv and Tbilisi achieve their goal of eventual membership.

De Hoop Scheffer noted that Russia and NATO continue to be at odds over issues linked to the war between Georgia and Russia. But de Hoop Scheffer says those differences will not stop NATO from continuing to meet with Russian officials under the auspices of the NATO-Russia Council.

Jaap De Hoop Scheffer: "The West should respect the red lines of Russia" (Op-Ed Dec. 2017)

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