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The 2017 French presidential election - opinion polls

Eric Zemmour, the French TV star who is stealing Marine Le Pen's thunder | Politico - June 4, 2021 |

Zemmour, a journalist-turned-celebrity pundit, has been convicted several times for inciting hate speech and is seen by many as responsible for sexist and racist rhetoric leaking into the mainstream. And yet even his political opponents admit his meteoric rise on French television shows that he is tapping into the declinist zeitgeist in France.

His diatribes are deemed so inflammatory that his daily shows are now pre-recorded and checked before going to air. This week, for instance, Zemmour compared puberty-blocking treatments prescribed for trans children to Nazi medical experiments.

Allegations of sexual misconduct against him have further heightened an already polarized debate about his influence.

The threat of a Zemmour presidential bid is taken so seriously that Le Pen has called on her own father, Jean-Marie, whom she excluded from the party, for help in fighting him.

French opposition reopens NATO exit debate after AUKUS submarine row | EurActiv - Sept. 27, 2021 |

French presidential election: Le Pen, Pécresse suffer defection to rivals Zemmour and Macron | France24 |

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