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If this is intended to illustrate that there is ethnic cleansing going on in the Ukraine... then that'll be a FAIL.

Google translate from the Radio Free Europe site in Ukranian :

"Those people who now live in the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea need to understand that this is not about someone being evicted. I just want to be understood. Once again: is it the Motherland or are you a guest? I believe that if you live in the territory of Donbass today, temporarily occupied, and you believe that this is the right thing for us in Russia, that we are Russians, it is a big mistake to stay and live in Donbass. It will never be Russian territory. It's just never, "Zelensky said.

I think that it's optimistic on his part, but not unreasonable, otherwise.

I believe that I can make a formal claim of voluntary disinformation for your above post. Or did you just believe the crappy analysis from the BRICs site without checking yourself?

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by eurogreen on Tue Feb 22nd, 2022 at 10:18:06 PM EST
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