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30 years?  I would submit the Western intelligence services have been primarily motivated by budget since WWII and that their analyses and shite-stirring in nonaligned countries have not been aimed at informing their respective governments and carrying out those governments' policies but rather at compelling those governments to keep the services' gravy boats filled.

What do the Russians want?  Their empire back, and Putin considers it his destiny to get it.  It's interesting, though, that the face of Russian policy suddenly seems to have become Medvedev.  Whether Putin is grooming him to come back up the ladder or setting him up to be kicked off entirely remains to be seen.  What's also interesting is that Medvedev went straight to rattling the nuclear saber, which would indicate Russia is desperate to avoid a war of attrition, hot or cold.

Meanwhile, Germany finally woke up to the threat both of Russia directly and of most of its Ostis believing Russia is the victim here, and is shipping military aid and supporting cutting off Russian access to SWIFT.  That would reduce the ruble to bog paper.  In the US, the FCC, DHC, and DOJ are FINALLY investigating Russian control of communication companies, including media outlets and wireless and VoIP services.  RT seems to be the main target at the moment, but you can expect all the usual RethugliKKKon operators to be circling the wagons by Monday morning.

by rifek on Sat Feb 26th, 2022 at 08:52:41 PM EST
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