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I'm just teasing you with recollections, attributed to France's ICONIC pubic intellectuals found in the massive, posthumous biography penned by his "daughter".

I would be surprised to meet an American, then or now, who did not attach greater political significant to domestic EXISTENTIAL THREATS than communist orphans rehabilitating the ruins of imperial Japan. What good did challenging MAGA do for adolescent boomers then, besides heating a sexual revolution.

I can almost appreciate your (pl.) ambivalence to the wan articles of NATO alliances today. US "intervention" in Korea and in "French Indochina" are parts of a piece of "shared history" that ostensibly belongs in the dustbin, but sticks to the shoes of MODERNITY like so much gum.

by Cat on Sat Feb 26th, 2022 at 10:54:01 PM EST
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