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hmmm, to judge by US Congressional roll calls, I don't think that's quite right. Decades of resolutions that penalize RU, CN, IR, VZ, IQ, SY, and sundry Latin American governments is not only a bi-partisan pastime. They've permitted as many POTUS to direct cabinet secretaries in the mission prescribed to compete, as they say, against other nation-states for primacy, dominance by every imaginable contest of power. Why do you wonder that US Americans are barely capable of communicating to each other, in private or public, without resorting to sporting idioms?

That some US representatives admire Putin's command-and-control style in managing "national security" far more than his tiresome, pedantic persona in televised speeches is not surprising. RU won this heat of a race with NATO's leaders to pacify--euthanize or subjugate, if you will--UKRAINE government. You know the joke: He brought a gun in a knife fight...in a arena filled with right-to-life, right-to-work my-best-life voyeurs, I must add.

What continues to surprise me is this lingering compulsion to invoke Trump--past, present, or future-- whenever the federal government fails to fulfill its constitutes' expectations of how best to liberate peoples in foreign lands from their inferior forms republican "democracy".

by Cat on Thu Feb 24th, 2022 at 11:41:08 PM EST
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