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China Daily | Major US role in Ukraine opposed, 25 Feb
Just 26 percent of the respondents say the US should have a major role in the conflict, according to the survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Fifty-two percent approve of a minor role for Washington, and 20 percent want the country to steer clear of involvement.
"We make national security decisions based on what's best for our country's national security, not on the latest polling," [WH press secretary Jen Psaki] said.

Jennifer Rau, a 51-year-old mother of three who lives on Chicago's South Side, said she listens to local public radio for her world news. But in recent days, when the news turns to Russia and Ukraine, she has started to tune out.

"I'm so frustrated. It's enough. We're bombarded," Rau said. "There are other stories in Chicago that need to be covered. I just feel like there's a war going on in the United States, every day, in Chicago," she said, referring to the city's high crime rate. "And it is really scary. And I feel like no one helps us."

Editorial | Washington's perverse foreign policy has resulted in a multi-lose tragedy, 24 Feb
With the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project suspended, something that has long been a thorn in the flesh of the US economy and its policy approach toward Europe, the European countries will have to rely more on energy resources from the US or the energy providers it controls, although at a higher price, binding their economies closer to it.

It also helps breathe life into "brain-dead" NATO [Macron, Nov 2019] so that the US can tighten the security shackles it has imposed upon European countries and which they were trying to loosen. The European countries have predictably indicated that they intend to tie themselves closer to the US security umbrella, scuppering any notions the European Union may have had of greater autonomy in its foreign relations.

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