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Update lifted from Merlin2 at the old bar:
Note, a) The speed and timing of the start. Reputedly Russians started moving exactly at the end of the (probably pre recorded) Speech at 5h40.
b) Most of -but possibly all - Airforce, airfields, Command centres were hit in the first hour. Amazingly quick ! (The major Ukrainian Command centre was comprehensively wiped out by - not by the Russians - but either the LPR or DPR. Leaving those "Regular" Ukes around Donbass without any centralized command centre.
c) Bridges and military bases. Hit.
d) Lots of bridging equipment seen and Crimea has already had it's water supply reinstated.
e) Humanitarian corridors have been established for those Uke soldiers that lay down their arms. The have been promised that they will NOT be harmed, (Probable as Putin doesn't like unecessary deaths as they become rallying points at later dates) and many seem to have already done so. Previous "tweets" from the Russian side mentioned separating the "people from the "regime". Personnally I don't give much chance to those who continue fighting - Mercenaries (incl. Blackwater), Azovists and assorted Jihadists. Apparently LPR and DPR are to look after the Ukes around Donbas - preventing them from regrouping and being useful elsewhere.
f) A landing has been reported near Odessa, and the Azov sea (with Uke ports having been squelched) has been declared a no-sail area (something on those lines, precise wording unknown)
by Tom2 on Thu Feb 24th, 2022 at 10:49:03 AM EST
RFERL | Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Has Suffered 'Serious Losses' After Russian Air Strikes Pound Dozens Of Targets
Zelenskiy also said he was breaking diplomatic ties with Moscow and he urged Russians "who had not lost their honor" to protest their government's actions.
m'k. Coming from him, that's amusing.
Explaining what the demilitarization of Ukraine means, Peskov said it is the "neutralization of its military potential, which recently was noticeably increased due to, among other things, the active efforts by foreign countries."

Answering a question about how deep Russia plans to get inside Ukraine, Peskov said: "I cannot give any information related to military, technological, and other elements of this operation. The only source for that data is our defense institution, our military."

"The terms of the operation will be defined by its efficiency, congruity, and will, of course, be defined by the supreme commander."

Zelenskiy, meanwhile, urged Ukrainians to step up to defend their country and promised to provide them with weapons if they did so.

al Jazeera | civilian property and casualty photo gallery

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