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ROLL CALL | The consensus against using force holds, despite Russia's invasion, yesterday
Lawmakers Appropriators back new sanctions and military aid, but Ukraine will have to fight alone

[DeFazio... Davidson... "Congress must approve any military action against Russia"]

"If there's any authority [Biden] doesn't have that he does need to increase sanctions on Russia, he'll get it from Congress. And I think Congress, on a very bipartisan basis, will also be willing to provide whatever resources are necessary to help Ukrainian defense," Schiff said.

Schiff also suggested cutting Russia off from SWIFT, a financial messaging system that links the world's economies and facilitates international transactions. The suggestion has gained steam among European leaders but would be an unprecedented move.

[Graham... McCarthy... Tester...Collins ...]

In the end, Senate Democrats and Republicans introduced two differing pieces of legislation -- and passed neither. Instead, the Senate last week approved a six-page nonbinding resolution (S Res 519-A resolution supporting an independent and democratic Ukraine against any further Russian military invasion, and for other purposes), a symbolic motion that carries no legislative weight, that scolded Putin for building up over 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border.

Tehran Times | Russia declares breakaway Ukraine regions "independent" republics, 22 Feb 2022
"It`s not clear the size of the force that Moscow will dispatch and when they would travel to the breakaway regions."
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