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So US media are busy with imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia ... the Pentagon briefings to US Congress are covered by stenographers from leading newspapers NY Times of the Iraq War infamy and the WaPo of Watergate heroics by Woodward and Bernstein.

A blogger from dKos believes it worthwhile to post his analysis based in these very articles .... hilarious and sad from a progressive outlet.

Putin Setting the Scene for a Complete Invasion of Ukraine

Both the Washington Post and The New York Times have grim reports of Biden administration briefings to Congress on Putin's buildup on the borders of Ukraine.  

"WaPo: Russia could seize Kyiv in days and cause 50,000 civilian casualties in Ukraine, U.S. assessments find."

and to guarantee the facts in reporting ...

"NYT: U.S. Warns of Grim Toll if Putin Pursues Full Invasion of Ukraine."

His analysis ...

China has made it clear it would not be happy if Putin invaded Ukraine while the Olympics are still happening. But beyond that ...

China, by the way, has a similar attitude to Russia's about territories it once controlled: "Once part of China, always part of China." That applies to Taiwan and Tibet, and China bases its claims to large chunks of the South China Sea on a fourteenth-century map. So for China to be embarrassed when Russia makes the same claim is interesting -- though perhaps China's embarrassment is more over Putin's bluntness; China likes to think it is more subtle in its aggression.

In other words, a quick coup to remove Zelensky and install a puppet. I'm not a military strategist, but it seems to me that Putin could accomplish that with a lot less manpower than he has assembled. It's possible he might send in a small force to carry out the coup, leaving the bulk of his forces on the border to keep the Ukrainians from objecting too loudly.

But I fear that Putin and his hard-line advisors from Soviet days have talked themselves into a corner with their dreams of restoring Russia to its glory days when it was big enough to call itself equal to the United States.

[Slam dunk ending ...]

It's been pointed out recently, on this blog as well as elsewhere, that World Wars I and II started in eastern Europe (WWI in Serbia, WWII in Poland). Both are incomplete object lessons: the Serbian mess could have been contained, but all Europe was armed to the teeth and thought they could fight a war within the constraints of nineteenth-century wars. That's not quite so true this time, but there is this disturbing commonality between WWI and today: Russia felt bound to come to the aid of fellow Slavs, and it was overconfident in its ability to do so. WWII started with a deliberate false-flag operation ...

Unfortunately not the unusual dimwit in America about history. 😡

President Johnson, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the  Vietnam War.

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