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A reason for the democracy crisis we live through is the difficulty for the elites to understand the difference between a reliable source and one which is not. In this case, Tass has more journalists in the countries mentioned in the despatch than any other. And it is not as if Western Europe had no interest and various businesses with the mentioned countries (remember Hollande and his chapka?). In addition to that, there is a context: China has been asking the US to come clean about covid since the beginning. Many countries have asked for an enquiry in China, in what happened to be a very international laboratory (https://www.franceculture.fr/sciences/le-laboratoire-p4-de-wuhan-une-histoire-francaise) which included, as you know, some fishy US business.
Eloas is a lawyer who builds his reputation on the quest for truth. But Twitter has never been about that, and posting cheap pictures to bark with the crowd does not help anyone.
Again, the debate about being for or against any war should be left to the people who are actually fighting it (and possibly to their parents), and to no one else.
by Tom2 on Sun Mar 13th, 2022 at 01:42:48 PM EST
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