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Kathy Sheridan has an interesting profile of Zelenskiy in the Irish Times. I have commented as follows:
We've had 77 years of relative peace and prosperity in Europe, thanks largely to the EU, and no thanks to its many detractors here and in the UK. Zelenskiy embodies that determination not to give in to the Putins, Trumps, and sundry apologists for autocracy here, and the least we could do is offer EU membership to his country if it can survive the Russian onslaught. Unlike NATO, the EU represents no military threat to anyone, and indeed represents a collaborative approach to solving common problems. Talk of it being beset by corruption is irrelevant. That is the sort of problem the EU is good at reducing over time. It took Ireland 50 years to become a fully contributing member, and we can afford to be patient with difficult eastern European members. In the meantime we could all benefit from the moral leadership Zelenskiy now provides.

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