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That statement is demonstrably untrue. For more than a decade commenting here, I'd guess, the balance of my observations of current event of concern to "democracy" point crookedly to MONEY manifest power. MONEY is the only unit of measurement that certainly matters to the society of the free world at the "alleged" end of history.

Were it not for my knowledge and belief that you surely are a man of your word, I'd be surprised if you had known this. After all, None of us have any entitlement to be read, much less promoted, recommended, commented or acted upon. Correct?

As for Ireland's role in strengthening Europe, I can't help but question, while I have your attention, this relation to "EU soft power" and the "moral leadership" of Mr Zelensky lieu of Ireland's prodigal segregationist Biden to forefend collapse of the NI Protocol. To which ethical precept embodied by Mr Zelenski's leadership do you aver? Birth, death, or union?

by Cat on Wed Mar 2nd, 2022 at 07:57:46 PM EST
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