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If anything, the Ukraine invasion has strengthened the EU and the case for Ireland's role in it.
"it": the EU

"to strengthen" is not a  *-Eng intransitive verb; WHAT is the object manipulated with strength; WHO strengthens is the subject of the sentence: "Ukraine['s] invasion" (another elision or transposition, ie. invasion of Ukraine Russia)

Would you prefer me to interpret this sentence to attribute "Ireland's role" (prepositional object of "for") to the subject, "the Ukraine invasion"?

Heretofore, I'd been led to believe by Frank's many memoirs that peoples of Ireland share pride in neutrality and humanitarian aid during periods of conflict--abroad-- excepting unsung, legendary heroes temporarily incorporated with Britain and 19th-century Mexican freedom fighters, for example. Generally, I choose not to disabuse him of historical Irish- and "Scots-Irish" immigrants' roles in US American ethnic conflict. But I do point to authoritative historiography.

Frank is a prodigious writer and typically far more careful than me. For that reason, I question his perception of morality, arising from EC-orchestrated belligerence in Ukraine's civil war, precipitated by its "association agreement."

by Cat on Thu Mar 3rd, 2022 at 05:51:51 PM EST
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