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Sorry Cat, tbh I'm devastated by what is happening to people in Ukraine (and the longer term implications of Europe as a whole) and simply haven't the time or energy to try and understand oblique legalese and grammatical hair splitting I don't really understand anyway and which doesn't appear to me to be helping anybody come to terms with a horrific situation.

Ireland is utterly conflicted between its traditional (since independence) unwillingness to side with the UK in its wars (otherwise misleadingly entitled "neutrality") and its current commitment to the EU which is a project dedicated to peace in Europe, but which is increasingly confronted with the reality of a warlike neighbour and has to make painful choices about whether to say "I'm all right jack on the western fringe of Europe" or commit to helping a country like Ukraine, less fortunately situated geographically, survive as a distinct entity.

If you want to get a flavour for the debate in Ireland, read Mick Wallace and Clare Daly's self-justification for their votes and the vituperative response it is receiving in the comments.

My reaction is twofold:

  1. If Britain decided to invade Ireland because they didn't like our continued EU membership and wanted to re-incorporate us into their sphere of influence, would we not fight like hell and seek assistance wherever we could find it?
  2. We have seen Putin's modus operandum in Chechnya, Crimea and now Ukraine and his threats to Finland and Sweden. If he succeeds in Ukraine, will he not then be tempted to move on to the Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland etc.? When/where do we draw the line if not now?

You see, this situation is existential for us, while for you it seems little more than an exercise in point scoring and word games. Pardon me if I decline the invitation to take part.

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