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That's mighty white of you. Thanks. Is *-English your first, second, third, or fourth language?

I try to resolve one topic at a time, sir. First, written *-Eng syntax, then spoken *-Eng, often expressing time-sensitive connotation to, ahem, "heritage speakers" conversant with *-Eng. diction. And perhaps, one day, libraries of proprietary computer code d/b/a artificial intelligence.

Are you aware of contextual-sensitive DICTION CORNER comments that I have published, whenever I detect ambiguous usage of *-English words--particularly legal, NOT MILITARY, terms of art--by anglophone "columnists" purporting to translate effects of US American political economy into vocabulary meaningful to the most ignorant, litigious "content consumers" on the planet?

I cannot confidently speak either to socially acceptable or poetic instrumentality of other languages, including but not limited to psycho (eg. Nobel bounded rationality). So I don't. OK, well, until organizational hygienists of western civilization careen so far from "experimental anthropology" as to invite ridicule.
archived Fri Jan 25th, 2019

A number of publishers offer digital and electronic reference defining "civil", "war," and "civil war" should you be confused as to semantic fit with sundry, contemporary hostilities in progress in places beyond your department apartment.

by Cat on Thu Mar 3rd, 2022 at 07:18:55 PM EST
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