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Tom2: When you have to listen to the Haiti news to get some real information, you know something is going wrong.

Actually, yes, "something is going wrong": your statement clearly implies that the US military support to Ukraine is soooo secret, that the MSM wouldn't report on it and it has to be stumbled upon while checking RFI's "Journal of Haiti and the Americas" (for it is the full name of this RFI section, it's not only about Haiti news).

Well, sorry, your statement is total bullshit: even a cursory search by "a moron in a hurry" (that would be me, by the way) turns out a wide coverage by the French media. Like this by Le Monde, five days ago, from their DC correspondent, Piotr Smolar:

Guerre en Ukraine : le soutien militaire des Etats-Unis à l'Ukraine, constant mais prudent depuis 2014

Ces dernières semaines, les autorités américaines ont souvent insisté sur la somme versée depuis 2014, pour montrer l'effort exceptionnel consenti : 2,7 milliards de dollars en huit ans.

As for Pierre Morcos, the DC based French thinktanker, he is often quoted or interviewed by the media; it's not difficult to find his stuff.

As it happens, the Google.fr News (moron in a hurry, that's me) first hit on Pierre Morcos right now is the RFI piece you quoted as "Haiti news" - no idea why, the ways of the Google are unfathomable...

by Bernard (bernard) on Tue Mar 8th, 2022 at 07:19:02 PM EST
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These gals are starting to get to me...
The ongoing saga of the East European MIGs :
Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria were going to send jets to Ukraine, but abruptly changed their minds
(1 March) My hypothesis is that these three countries received specific and detailed threats from Putin.
U.S. rejects Poland's offer to give it Russian-made fighter jets for Ukraine

Now the Americans are antsy too; they can't see an operational justification for it (the Ukrainians seem to be doing quite well against what one would imagine to be overwhelming Russian air superiority, but they are still pleading hard for help).

I'm guessing they too are worried about Putin's itchy nuclear button finger.

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by eurogreen on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 12:59:31 PM EST
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That would be, probably, answer B: Not wanting to start World War 3 with a major nuclear power.
by Bernard (bernard) on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 07:28:10 PM EST
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I was talking about RFI. I mean that what you hear on every news bulletin on RFI in the last 2 weeks is not that line. It is not the first time that I hear on the journal des Caraïbes some stuff that does not follow the editorial line. You quote Le Monde, but it is under paywall.
Of course it is well known to people who read, but it was not the headline on the BBC or CNN lately, you noticed?
By the way, 4 days ago, they even had a journalist explaining that the Ukrainian army was taking position in (emptied) schools. But luckily you cannot access the bulletins of the past days.
by Tom2 on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 at 09:35:07 AM EST
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