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Or that, but I don't want to speak of bank run here because this is among the internet red lines.
UK CEBR report/forecast on the UK economy. A selection of the CEBR summary:
· The report is not a worst case forecast.
· Halved 2022 GDP growth to 1.9%
· 2023 GDP growth to 0.0%
· Reduction in 2022 real GDP of £51.4 billion.
· Reduction in 2023 real GDP of £42.5 billion.
· Rising cost of living, reduced consumption, reduced exports, significant rise in inflation.
· Fall in 2022 living standards by £71 billion or a fall of £2,553 per household, roughly half of which is attributable to Ukraine.

The summary ends with:

"So the Chancellor is likely to be under further pressure to put the economy on a semi wartime setting on 23 March."
Before a footnote on the fall in consumption during WWII.
Here's the 8th of March summary of the CEBR report and the CEBR report itself "Cost to the UK Economy
of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine - a scenario analysis. A Cebr report, March 2022" (PDF 338 KB).
https:/cebr.com/reports/invasion-of-ukraine-rising-commodity-and-oil-prices-and-sanctions-likely-to -have-major-impact-on-economy
https://cebr.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Cost-of-Russian-invasion-of-Ukraine-for-the-UK-economy.p df

by Tom2 on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 12:51:54 PM EST
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See above.

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by eurogreen on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 01:34:52 PM EST
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You mean that freedom of speech is meant only for people who are html conversant?
by Tom2 on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 at 09:31:30 AM EST
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Speak away, just don't expect people who are time poor to engage with poorly constructed or presented arguments... (and there really isn't much HTML involved, even with scoop, which is an ancient technology)

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