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The main reason is that Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians feel attacked and sacrificed. They see themselves as victims of discrimination, of ethnic discrimination. That is quite clear, we need to talk about it. Some call this Nazism. I wouldn't use such a term, not even genocide. Nevertheless, I find it distasteful to weigh up whether it is genocide or not in the context of thousands of deaths in the hands of nationalist battalions. Fascism is, as Camus said, contempt.

I am a witness that my Ukrainian acquaintances considered the people of the East to be inferior. They used all sorts of arguments --  for example that the lumpenproletariat had concentrated in the East. Is this an acceptable argument? It seemed to be in the Ukraine. Is the slogan Ukraina above all alright? I've heard that all the time in Ukraine.

Which brings me to the moment that I stopped listening to ESCOBAR rambling, returned the first minute, and began my tedious transcription to be certain the intelligibility of inferiority, contempt across Europe's national borders can be apprehended in a word without any difficulty debating inflection or spelling.
First one thing, Richard, Russians personally all over NATO-stan are being criminalized just because they are Russians. So there is no other [?] evidence of neo-fascism that is more startling than this one. There's absolutely nothing [?] that compares to it in modernity.

Alright, we had this before against Iraqis, against Syrians, and now to pick up their own perverted logic: Oh, they are blond and blue-eyes just like us as well. Ah, but they're Russians; so this means that they are untermenschen, which is NAZI terminology once again or as my friend The Saker put it so memorably, snow niggers. This is an excellent, ultra hardcore expression to qualify how The Beltway [Washington D.C.], especially, looks at Russians. They don't look at Russians as people. They look at Russians, in general, and I'm not talking only about the [Russian] military or the Putin circle or whatever, as snow niggers. We have to go there and take over those rich lands. They don't deserve those lands. It's crazy, because history always tells us stuff that is basically underneath, and then, when you get to a point of inflection, of explosion, it bubbles back on. You know, it's in the collective unconscious, and then we have something like this [SNAPS FINGERS] that starts a new paradigm, and the whole past goes back. James Joyce used to say "the nighmare of history." No! This was the unconsciousness of history that is bubbling up all over again.

by Cat on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 11:46:27 PM EST
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