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London Metals Exchange (LME) suspended NICKEL trading yesterday due to suspect short-squeeze of Nornickel (RU) shares. Geopolitical consternation and implied impairment of "green" tech production (ie. NiMH, NCA applications) reverberted through the innerboobs. I don't know that trading has resumed today, but I did note with interest that Zero Hedge posted a contributor's article on the subject siting authoritave sources. Such editorial discretion qualifies as EXCEEDINGLY UNUSUAL to my mind, which is why I do not normally read commentary published at that site.

The World's Top 10 Nickel Mining Companies

As the world transitions towards electric vehicles and cleaner energy sources, nickel has emerged as an essential metal for this green revolution.

Needed for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, wind turbines, and nuclear power plants, nickel is also primarily used to make stainless steel alloys more resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Using data from Mining Intelligence, this graphic shows the top 10 companies by nickel production along with their market cap.
Nickel has long been an important mineral for batteries, plating, and steelmaking, but it was only recently added to the USGS's proposed critical minerals list.

As countries and industries realize the importance of nickel for the development of sustainable technologies, nickel mining companies will be at the forefront of supplying the world with the nickel it needs. ...

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Top six countries with the largest nickel reserves in the world

 In million tonnes:

  1. Indonesia 21
  2. Australia 20
  3. Brazil 16
  4. Russia 9.8

Russia's Norilsk Nickel is one of the world's biggest nickel-mining companies, along with other commodities like palladium, platinum and copper. Its main base of operations is in the Norilsk region above the Arctic Circle in Russia, where some of the world's largest nickel-copper-palladium deposits are located.

Look like the BRICS sphere of influence has quite some lead ...

Norilsk Nickel is a key supplier of nickel and palladium, two metals that are key for electric-vehicle batteries and semiconductors

This Russian Metals Giant Might Be Too Big to Sanction | WSJ |

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