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I share your feelings, CH, and I actually wrote a lengthy comment (for once) about that same issue.

I understand that much of the debate has moved to the so-called "social networks" (I assume the scare quotes). I avoid Facebook like the plague and I'm only reading a few people on Twitter, but haven't signed up, no matter what their marketing is trying to twist my arm.

As you pointed out, we have never pushed anyone away based on their unpopular views. All people who were kicked out were so for trolling and outright disruptive behavior, never for their opinions.

Do we need to go to that extreme? Frankly, I'm hesitant. We might have a smaller community, but I'm not sure this will give ET its groove back. Openness works better, on the whole.

This doesn't mean we have to be open to any kind of abuse: I could consider that we revise some of our rules about disruptive behavior to add things like not engaging in debates, posting comments that are just link farms, "flooding the zone" with content that rival in length with Tolkien...

Again, not sure what's the best way forward. Colman, who's running the hosting, could also pull the plug and put the site in read-only: we could still peruse the archives when we want; and we'd all move on.

by Bernard (bernard) on Sun Mar 20th, 2022 at 09:43:07 PM EST
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