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College Backtracks on Banning Teaching Dostoevsky Because He's Russian
"Dear Professor, the Vice Rector for Didactics has informed me of a decision taken with the rector to postpone the course on Dostoevsky," the email said, according to Nori's video.
Nori went on: "I realize what is happening in Ukraine is horrible, and I feel like crying just thinking about it. But what is happening in Italy is ridiculous."
trauma-informed salvation awaits you
"In this time we need to study more, not less: in the university we need teachers, not incapable bureaucrats," [former-PM Matteo] Renzi wrote.
Have you embraced yer inner Raskolnikov?
On Wednesday, the university released a statement on its social media accounts confirming the course would go ahead.
"The course of the writer Paolo Nori is part of the writing course aimed at students and citizens who aim to develop transversal skills through forms of writing. The university confirms that this course will take place in the established groups and will deal with the contents already agreed with the writer. In addition, the rector of the university will meet Paolo Nori next week for a moment of reflection," it said.
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Irony: still dead.

Will The Onion sue?

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