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India Times | 17,000 Indians left Ukraine so far; 'leave Kharkiv' advisory issued based on Russian inputs: MEA, 2 Mar
The Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday said that nearly 17,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine's border since the first travel advisory was issued by the Indian Embassy in Kyiv and as many as 15 flights were scheduled over the next 24 hours. Regarding today's advisories to Indian nationals, he said that India has been in communication with the Russian side regarding the safe passage of our nationals from Kharkiv and other nearby cities.
Al Jazeers | Tears, anger at airport as Indian students return from Ukraine, 3 Mar
Yadav was among nearly 200 Indian students who had just landed in New Delhi from Poland on Wednesday after trying for days to escape the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began last Thursday, forcing nearly 20,000 Indian students to flee the former Soviet nation.

"The Ukraine military was only letting the Ukrainians and Europeans across the border," Chahat told Al Jazeera as she held a bouquet of red flowers handed to those returning from Ukraine by Indian authorities at the airport. "But I don't know why Indians were being stopped and pushed back," the young student said, alleging many Indians were beaten by the Ukrainian forces as they tried to cross the border.

South Front | The Ukraine War and the "Good" Refugee
In the history of accepting refugees, countries have shown more than an erratic streak.  Universal human characteristics have often been overlooked in favour of the particular: race, cultural habits, religion.  Even immigration nations, such as the United States and Australia, have had their xenophobic twists and turns on the issue of who to accept, be they victims of pogroms, war crimes, genocide, or famine. ...
DHS grants temporary immigration status to all Ukrainians in the US, 4 Mar
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Al Jazeera | Putin, Modi discuss plight of Indian students trapped in Ukraine, 3 Mar
During their video call on Wednesday, Putin said he had ordered Russian soldiers "to ensure the safe exit of Indian nationals from the armed conflict zone and their return to their homeland," according to a Kremlin statement.
India denies students taken ["]hostage["]
Meanwhile, Russia's defence ministry on Wednesday said the Ukrainian authorities were holding a group of Indian students by force.
India's foreign ministry said it was in constant touch with Indian nationals in Ukraine, reports added.

"We have not received reports of any hostage situation regarding any student. We have requested support of the Ukrainian authorities in arranging special trains for taking out students from Kharkiv and neighbouring areas to the western part of the country," India's foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.
India abstains from UNGA vote
Also on Wednesday [2 Mar], India abstained from voting at a landmark United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which overwhelmingly adopted a resolution asking Russia to "immediately" withdraw from Ukraine.

Russia, Ukraine & US Sanctions target India, 4 Mar, running time 02:18:47
CRISTOFOROU: Alright. India, this is a big game changer India holds that goes to this system. We've talked about the Quad, which seems like it's fizzled out. And it seems the Quad didn't give India the respect that it deserves. Is this India's moment? I mean, is India now going to be a great power? I mean it is a great power, but it didn't seem that it was a the same level as China or the US. Is the moment, when India says, we are, we're breaking from this current system, and we're going to move to this new system? How do you see things? Because we've got news that the US is thinking about sanctioning India. They're saying, it's not related to this stuff. They're saying, it's related to weapons sales. But it is related to the fact that India has not voted the Biden White House had hoped they would vote. Is this India's moment? This is really, really big news [...] What are your thoughts?
MERCOURIS: I think, this could very well be India's big momment. It would be the moment, when India establishes itself as a great power, because what the Indians are saying is, Look, our foreign policy's not made for us in Washington. We make our own foreign policy. We take the decisions. You are not going to dictate to us. And if the United States goes down the route to sanction India, well, all I can say is, that is an act of pure, unadulterated folly. Now, I've been reading. I should say, I'm not hugely well-informed about India's domestic politics but I've been reading those Indian sites that are accessible to me and which, you know, India media and they've been either even-handed or basically, sympathetic to the Russians. I think that India has a foreign policy which is it's own foreign policy. It has a very close, historic relationship with Russia. [BWAH!] The two countries get on. They have a difficult relationship with China, but I think, the Indians don't feel that they want to get into an issue with China simply because the United States has issues with China. ...
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VIJAY PRASHAD | Ukraine: A Conflict Soaked in Contradictions and New Patterns in War and Media
White Wars
Worst War?
War Stenography
Calculations of War
Is there room in our imaginations to try to understand what Matveev is saying?
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