Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
If i may insist, substack is free both the writer and the reader (although there are paying options). It includes commenting and layout possibilities. Why wait? Dont let us without your uniquely deep historical perspective.
by Tom2 on Fri Mar 18th, 2022 at 03:40:29 AM EST
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Thx, much appreciated.

One of my weaknesses is loyalty ... I have been blogging since the presidential campaign of 2004 ... I started at big bad Daily Kos and moved with Martin Longman to BooMan Tribune early 2005. With the pie wars of spring 2005 at Markos Moulitsas Zúniga's dKos a surge of lady writers left the site and joined BooMan Tribune.

We set up a series of Welcome Wagons for newbies to get acquainted and introduce themselves. This build a great community spirit. By June 2005 the 5000th member was welcomed and the site blossomed with a truly great diversity of excellent writers. Intens and great time for many years, surviving  wars, and presidential elections. The community shared grief and joy.

Martin's political wisdom grew into a professional site now called Progress Pond ... link on top still under "BooMan Tribune" 😀 An original author writing on BT was Emptywheel.

Early in 2005 an European forum was started by Jerome a Paris. Excellent reading with a variety of sec topics for readers on this side of the Atlantic. Gradually the mix of writers based in America ebbed away and ET got its own identity. I wear UID #40 proudly.

My writing at dKos was under the handle "creve coeur", the location I happily lived for ten years and finished my college education in engineering doing fundamental research. From the earliest beginnings of blogging, readers have always shown appreciation for my thorough research of the topics. Heritage and French legend of Creve Coeur, Missouri.

I was honored to be banned by the dKos police vigilantes, banned but restored in my rights shortly thereafter 😂 ... within six months is was banned again for writing about The Netherlands, but an American living in Amsterdam disagreed with my version of state affairs and I was banned definitely. I wear it as a badge of honor.

I left BT when the RussiaGate followers starting troll rating all my posts without any arguments. McCarthyism returned to so-called progressive blogs. Censoring dissent.

A lovely memory of my labor @BooMan was the unmasking of Anna Chapman within a few hours when she became a member of the blog. 🤣

Anna Chapman calling on Booman Tribune

Link from my diary here @ET ...

DECEPTION: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today

A follow-up ...

The Big Spy Swap: The U.S.-Russia Secret Agent Exchange 10 Years Ago | RFERL - Ju,y 8, 2020 |

'Sapere aude'

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