Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
Thanks for these and also for the additional details on your involvement in the early days of ET (my own UID is in triple digits).

You have of course noticed that the site is a pale shadow of its former self; only a handful of us are commenting and posting diaries. Others have moved to, probably, [anti-]social networks like FB or Twitter.

Those who occasionally come back are horrified, not by the lack of content, but by the sheer deluge of pro-Putin regime talking points or outright propaganda, and not in small quantity.

You mentioned you do not "condone war of choice, nor the dictatorial regime Putin build in Russia".

Really? Pretty much everything you've been writing about Ukraine over the past months is echoing the  talking points of that very same dictatorial regime you claim not to condone.

You mentioned once that you read a lot (good) and that you have a lot of time for blogging - given your age, I suppose. Well, I don't: I'm not retired and I have a day job. I'm hanging out here during the evening or WE.

I like debating here on ET and I'm OK with the gnome duties (Newsroom, Open Thread & all).

The trouble is: you are putting so much content, lengthy comments in large quantities, that you are, literally crowding out the other commenters, putting dozen of comments while other think carefully before posting (I know I do).

Your diaries and your comments, on the other hand are lengthy, unstructured ramblings, a quick cut-and-past job, putting on the same level some serious journalistic work and some comment from "a dude on the Internet", an article from today next to another one from years ago,... This is literally diluting any message or opinion you wanted to convey. It's often difficult to notice where your diary ends and where your comments begin; that's how confused it is.

I had to search all over the place to find this statement where it turns out you don't condone wars of "choice" (invading a neighboring country is a choice, right?) and that Putin is a dictatorial regime.

Because again: you literally drowning out other commenters. I'll freely admit: I resent that.

Your prolific, yet hardly structured or at times intelligible fire-hose is also repelling those you came back and wanted a serious discussion: I resent that too.

You wrote this three days ago: My pen hasn't dried up, however aim to post much less in coming days/weeks.

Frankly, what you claim and what you write are - again - two different things. We've hardly seen any change from your usual one-diary-a-day-if-not-two pattern.

You claim to be attached to Eurotrib? Then, do us a favor and practice what you claimed. Your diaries and comments were certainly not the main cause for ET's decline, but given the present state it doesn't take much to kill it for good.

by Bernard (bernard) on Sun Mar 20th, 2022 at 09:23:52 PM EST
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