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Well, I have still to see any evidence that it's anything other than Putin's war of choice.

I was actually being ironic, because the Cheney gang were very clear about the Iraq invasion being profitable for the USA.

And I can't see that Putin had a coherent vision for making money out of Ukraine; I think his decision to go to war was about the grandeur of Russia and his historic posterity, and that he was aware that it would cost Russia dearly in economic terms; but I'm pretty sure that the economic cost alone would have dissuaded him, if he had had better advice.

As for "who profits"... I would guess that the economies of the EU and Turkey will get a big boost out of post-war reconstruction, as long as Ukraine gets a debt jubilee first.  

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by eurogreen on Sun Apr 3rd, 2022 at 07:13:32 PM EST
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