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So yeah. That "conversation" ended as badly could be predicted.

Ned Price | State Department Warns China of Consequences If it Aids Russia, 14 Mar A/V (EN)

I'm not confirming anything from here. What I will say is we are watching very closely the extent to which the PRC or any other country for that matter provides any form of support, whether that's material support, whether that's economic support, whether that's financial support, to Russia. Any such support from anywhere in the world would be of great concern to us. [...] We will not allow any country to compensate [?!] Russia for its losses.
Global Times | Exclusive: China captures powerful US NSA cyberspy tool, 14 Mar
Through technical analysis, the center believes that the "NOPEN" Trojan horse is characterized by complex technology, comprehensive functions and strong concealment, which can fit a variety of processor architectures and operating systems. It can also collaborate with other cyber weapons and is a typical tool used for cyber espionage.

The report came after the NSA was exposed to have been launching cyberattacks against 47 countries and regions for a decade, with Chinese government departments, high-tech companies and military-related institutes among the key targets. Under the surveillance of the NSA, the privacy and sensitive information of hundreds of millions of people around the world were exposed, like "running around naked."

China will not seek to ease tensions with the US by damaging China-Russia relations, 14 Mar A/V (Mandarin, EN subtitles)
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