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Report: Russia-backed RT America to cease production

The deal is done. US gov can't even bear RT to C&P US press.

by Cat on Thu Mar 3rd, 2022 at 11:30:07 PM EST
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I am no big fan of the EU decision to ban RT and Sputnik in Europe. Yes, they are Putin's regime propaganda outlets, we know that. They are always pushing the most divisive issues that serves most the Kremlin's political objectives. They are even able to push two opposite messages for Russian domestic audiences (get vaccinated!) and for European audiences (antivax!).

But their audience is marginal: those who know they are propaganda and fake news outlets, well, already know that. Those who lap them up are already gone beyond the looking glass (RT France has always a favorite of the CT and Qanon crowd).

Suppressing them is not going to change much to the information warfare, especially when you consider how impressively efficient the Ukrainian operation (and how crap the Russian one) has been since the beginning of the invasion (was it ten days ago?.

At worst, it may push additional folks to seek them out on the net (Streisand effect).

But the major issue is that it gives a perfect justification to the Kremlin to suppress European media like DW, France24 and the BBC from Russia, so no victory at all, VdL virtuous feelgood proposal not withstanding. Ala in all, not a good idea, methinks.

by Bernard (bernard) on Fri Mar 4th, 2022 at 07:35:06 PM EST
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That, and the chilling effect of closing down outlets (or at least readers access to them) for essentially writing the wrong stories.

This is government censorship, and I didn't even know the EU Commission had censor powers. Was there a recent law passed to hand them that, or did they just grab those powers?

by fjallstrom on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 09:38:08 AM EST
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I don't think the Commission has any such powers; and I don't think the Commission has enacted any such law: that would be the different EU countries governments in the European Council.

To wit:

(EU institutions are not well understood, as Cat would write)

by Bernard (bernard) on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 10:07:38 AM EST
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As far as I read the article the tweet linked, it is the Council that makes a decision to sanction, on a proposal from the Commission.

And if it is limited to sanction foreign entities, I assume that if somebody in EU would do a "Today in RT" web page and just quote liberally fron rt.com (which they reach through a VPN), they could presumably not be sanctioned as they are a EU domestic entity. Put ads on it and you have a commercial enterprise. Might trip over copyright legislation though.

by fjallstrom on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 10:53:46 AM EST
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Yep, that's pretty much my understanding of the decision and implementation processes in the EU. The Commission does the grunt work. The final word belongs to the Council, composed of each of our respective country elected government( Macro for France, Scholz for Germany, Draghi for Italy and so on).
by Bernard (bernard) on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 06:37:08 PM EST
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On any given day, any hour of the day, GOOG counts < 300 (N.A.) viewers watching RT America LIVE YouTube channel. As Oui pointed out (above) RT sat transmission is dead to NL. Yet here you are. Did you attempt to connect to the RT link posted in the header of this diary? Were you successful? Did you listen to either 30-minute "Going Underground" interview?
Europe to Ban Russian State-Run Media Companies Sputnik, RT, 27 Feb
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Sunday the measures, part of a broader package of sanctions, were needed to stop the state from spreading "their lies to justify Putin's war and to sow division in our union."
RT has a large online audience, meaning that bans on conventional broadcast television may not cut off its reach. It has 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.4 million followers on Facebook.

By contrast, when its U.K. audience data were being collected in 2017 it was getting just 3,400 viewers at any given point, according to Ofcom, Britain's independent media regulator.

European outlets now face retaliation from the Kremlin. RT was forced off the air in Germany earlier in February and Russia swiftly closed state-supported broadcaster Deutsche Welle's Moscow bureau and revoked its employees' accreditations. Russia also expelled a British Broadcasting Co. reporter in August.

RT, Sputnik Content Officially Banned Across European Union, 2 Mar 2022
Russian-backed media RT and Sputnik are officially banned in the European Union as of today, as the bloc hardens its stance against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The restrictions prohibit broadcasting content from the two television channels and their subsidiaries, downloading their apps and sharing their output on social media platforms, according to documents published by the European Commission today.

"In order to justify and support its aggression of Ukraine, the Russian Federation has engaged in continuous and concerted propaganda actions targeted at EU and neighboring civil society members, gravely distorting and manipulating facts," the Commission wrote.

State-controlled media "are essential and instrumental in bringing forward and supporting the aggression against Ukraine and for the destabilization of its neighboring countries," according to the Commission. "It is necessary to urgently suspend the activities of such media outlets in the EU, until the aggression to Ukraine is put to an end."
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Sunday the measures, part of a broader package of sanctions, were needed to stop the state from spreading "their lies to justify Putin's war and to sow division in our union."

by Cat on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 12:32:41 PM EST
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No, I didn't. I'm generally not watching RT or Sputnik, but it doesn't mean I cannot disagree with a decision that I think is poorly thought out and will have little effect on the perceptions of the conflict here in Europe (short version: the Ukrainians have won the narrative battle).
by Bernard (bernard) on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 06:52:31 PM EST
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means to me is you are not even curious as to the scale of international agreement ("truth") presented to you; that apparently, you were unaware of EC actions devolving EU27 "sovereignty"; that you have limited understanding of "the narrative" and the scope of information broadcast beyond EU27 to the rest of the world, notwithstanding collapse of the Four Pillars under your feet; and, ironically, ESCOBAR's perception  of indifference within France to political disagreement beyond France is not stereotype. Being otherwise pre-occupied transliterating K(yi)(ie)v to the roman alphabet, you might have dismissed this 'clearly defensive' offensive observation.
ESCOBAR: The problem is, and I see it as a much more perverse problem compared to the US, where most people  are de-politicized and they live, of course, all of us who lived in the US know about the steady 24/7 diet of trash that they are, you know, regurgitating every day. But even in Europe and among so-called progressive, deep thinking, and politicized populations in places like Germany, France, Italy, most of the masses are also falling for it. This is the real. I've been discussing this with friends in Germany, in Italy. In France it's impossible. I don't even try to have a conversation in France, because the French are blocked, completely blocked. But in Italy, in Germany, for instance, analysts there are of course outside of the mainstream. Academics, they are marginalized. They are absolutely apalled. Apalled especially in Germany, because ah--the other day we were trying to laugh about it--we came to the conclusion that Putin, the Germans owe something to Putin. In historical terms it's quite impressive. Putin managed to get the Germans to get off their World War II culpability complex. Now, they can openly embrace Nazis again. So the de-natzification company launched by Putin in Ukraine, the first, serious, practical consequence there, sitting right in front of us is the re-nazification of Germany
And then we get to the very serious aspect of the whole circus, kabuki or performance, which is the criminalization of descent mixed with russophobia and mixed with racism. They are all, of course. So the racism against arabs and chinese which was very profound, now merge into russophobia, and they're making direct comparisons to both that are detrimental to slavs and to arabs. They say, for instance, like, now it's a mantra in the US. Oh, I don't know, Ukraine is a civilizaed country. They are blond, blue eyes, like us. They are not those piece of nah nah nah places that we invaded before, you know, Iraq, Libya, these things. And this is being said openly all across the US, west media, and some in Europe. I have seen already instances in France and Germany are reproducing the same thing.

MEDHURST: It's mask off.
ESCOBAR: Exactly. There's a sort of inate russophobia in many places in Europe. In the case of France it's something extremely subtle. But I was discussing with some french analysts the other day--okay, people we can still have a conversation with--an one of them told me something extraordinary: So of course we never got rid of Napoleon. So they are still jealous and angry with Russia, because Napoleon was obviously two-hundred years ago vanquished not by General Winter but by Russians. So this is the french aspect to it. Obviously, Germans and Russians, we all know the precedents especially the latest one sevety-five. But in the case of Italy, for instance, you see the owner [ECB], literally, of Draghi-stan going to the senate in Rome and basically issuing a declaration of war against Italy. Consider that relations between Italy and Russia have always been friendly at least for the past seventy-five years and during all of the gestation of the European Union.

by Cat on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 07:44:50 PM EST
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Of course, I'm curious.

Not necessarily of what you think is interesting to me, though, but occasionally: Earlier today I read an interesting tidbit of information posted by you, which I rated 4. But I feel under no obligation to read each and every piece you post, especially when it's kilometer sized.

As to what Mr Escobar perceives or not of what is possible or not in France, I don't really care, TBH.

by Bernard (bernard) on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 09:02:25 PM EST
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well, I watched several minutes of that Escobar clip : the "Putin is a military genius, he's winning the war" stuff -- and it's visible that he's a blithering ninny. I didn't get to the stuff about French people and their complex about the Russians. It's pretty funny. It bears no relation at all to reality.

He's a genius. He knows what "the French" think about Russians, even though he admits he has difficulty finding any French people willing to talk to him. He knows that "the Germans" are grateful to Putin because they are allowed to be nazis again (everyone knows that they were always secretly nazis, all of them)

He's clearly the greatest thinker of our time.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 at 09:03:49 PM EST
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