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Netherlands and France will work together more in EU, defense | NL Times |

The Netherlands and France will further strengthen the ties between them. They want to cooperate more in the European Union and defense. Both countries agreed to this after a meeting between government delegations in the French capital.

After the meeting, the governments released a joint statement saying, among other things, that both countries want to work for an EU that can stand on its own two feet. They want to make further efforts to make Europe more sustainable and strengthen the European asylum and migration policy. 

In the military field, they agreed to seek more cooperation in the navy. The Netherlands and France also want to intensify their collaboration in "regions of strategic importance" like Ukraine, the Sahel countries, and the Middle East. This must also happen in the Caribbean, including in the fight against (drug) crime.

For over a decade Rutte was a strong Atlanticist and always followed his London ally and whomever occupied the White House. A trusted 6th Eye on global intelligence.

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