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Litvinenko's widow: West must counter Putin's 'brainwashing' | DW News |

The West must step up its battle against the Kremlin's disinformation campaign, Marina Litvinenko, the widow of the poisoned Russian spy and Putin critic Alexander Litvinenko, told DW.

She said the Russian people have been "completely brainwashed" over the past 20 years and most independent media outlets have been shut down.

Litvinenko said Western countries -- including Germany -- who used to beam Russian language broadcasts into the Soviet Union, were partly responsible for allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to spread disinformation when they cut their services after the end of the Cold War.

"It was a huge mistake because the people behind this war have been waiting for revenge. When this all proper [truthful] information left Russia, it was ... [replaced] by disinformation, by brainwashing," she added.

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'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Mar 11th, 2022 at 11:10:44 AM EST
Cardinal József Mindszenty was almost the first post-war European figure to become a symbolic victim of totalitarianism. His arrest and trial were almost simultaneous with the Greek crisis, the Truman declaration and the Czech communist coup that between them marked the start of the Cold War. He was selected by the Hungarian communists under Mátyás Rákosi to be an example of the allegedly criminal past and to establish the permanence of their new order. They succeeded instead in erecting a vast international question mark against their rule.

    Both the Venice and Cannes film festivals refused to show the film The Prisoner for fear of offending cultural officials of Eastern bloc states. And after the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian revolt in 1956, Cardinal Mindszenty spent many years in the US Embassy in Budapest and refused to give up his position as prelate of Hungary even after he was relocated to Vienna.

Final Betrayal

Now a NKVD torture dungeon, the Cardinal was taken to the same location the Nazis used. The communists made him stand in a spotlight in a darkened room while his unseen interrogators accuse him of plotting to restore the monarchy, speculating with American money and working with the Pope to start another world war with Russia. After weeks of torture the Cardinal collapsed without making a confession. Their use of the hypnotic drug scopolamine effectively reduced his mind to jelly. While Guilty of Treason is an extraordinary time capsule, the Cardinal's tragic saga, served more as a tool in the Cold War battle against world communism than as a chronicle of a religious hero.

Even in his Vienna exile, Mindszenty had become an albatross around the neck of the Vatican. In the fall of 1973, as he prepared to publish his Memoirs, the Cardinal suffered the final betrayal. Fearful that the truth would upset the detente with the Marxists, the Pope asked Mindszenty to resign his office. When he refused, the Pope declared his See vacant, to the delight of the communist regime.

Obedient to the end, the Cardinal felt deceived by the Vatican policy of rapprochement with communism. He spent the rest of his life caring for the spiritual welfare of his scattered Hungarian flock around the world. The Cardinal continued to make it clear that he had not abdicated, but had been deposed.

I viewed the film The Prisoner  in the early 1960s, it made a deep impression. Brainwashing is not a term for the 21st century ... been replaced by targeted disinformation and censorship.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Mar 11th, 2022 at 11:11:32 AM EST
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Indeed the idea that Russians still have only a state channel and nothing else is pretty widespread here, even among 'intellectuals'.
Sorry to hurt the Dutch feelings but the Russians have the internet and it functions. Nothing comparable to China where many websites are impossible to reach without turnarounds (but as long as they produce i-phones for cheap we won't complain).
by Tom2 on Fri Mar 11th, 2022 at 12:15:14 PM EST
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Reminds me of a relative in the US who truly believed that in Eastern Germany people were allowed to get only one pair of shoes per year.

Well put, by someone who comments open source elsewhere:
Of course EU is an Imperial Project. It needs to expand to avoid corroding. It offered Ukraine an Associate status which became law in 2014. 1 January 2016, Ukraine joined the DCFTA with the EU. Ukrainian citizens were granted visa-free travel to the Schengen Area for up to 90 days during any 180-day period on 11 June 2017

What EU wanted was achieved by bribing elites as in Turkey - "Consultancies", "Think Tanks", "Seminars", and the glitterati are hooked to deliver the masses. EU is an Elitist Project which is how Jean Monnet and Arthur Salter conceived it - to erode popular control over politics in favour of a technocratic elite.

The Project is based on hollowing out national sovereignty and creating Plato's Guardians with their own schools (Boris Johnson and VdL went to the same one in Brussels) and develop a Managerial Caste - it needs to expand to gain resources.

My take: I am curious to see what happens in 90 days. Probably the EU will make a extension to the residency permit as they did once for Iraqis and Afghans. (Are they still putting those on planes now? Wouldn't be surprised.)

Add to the mix that the EU has been actively building semi private universities around the Med in the latest years. They 'want' to revive Euromed, but under a US umbrella.

by Tom2 on Fri Mar 11th, 2022 at 12:22:56 PM EST
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