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Mapping Militant Organizations. "Azov Battalion." Stanford University. Last modified March 2022.
... The group has an active social media presence that it uses for recruitment, fundraising, and messaging. It previously used Facebook and Instagram before it was deplatformed in 2016 for being a "dangerous organization."94 There is suggestive evidence that the group may receive support from online goods advertisedon Instagram and Facebook through the Misanthropic Division and Wolknvt shopfronts.95 In 2022, it was using Telegram to broadcast messages about the fight in Mariupol.96 Azov runs an international outreach program, headed by Olena Semenyaka, which networks with other far-right organizations across the U.S. and Europe.97 This has included running events and recruitment efforts out of European and American white supremacist and neo-nazi groups such as the Nordic Resistance Movement, Rise Above Movement, Casa Pound, and Atomwaffen Division.98 International recruitment efforts run through Azov's international events, in particular mixed martial arts competitions.99 Individual recruits from abroad are brought through the "Cossack House", a social center run by the Azov Battalion in Kyiv. The Cossack House operates as a hub for arriving recruits.100 ...
Adrien Nonjon,"Olena Semenyaka, The 'First Lady' of Ukrainian Nationalism". Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (GWU: Washington D.C. ) Sep 2020
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