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I didn't check earlier writings about Bourdieu on this site, as my first glance at his work intrigued me ...

"Smile!" or The virtue circle of positive feedback attitudes | by Agnes a Paris Sat Jan 7th, 2006 |

All of us did get to know, through the lessons of history or personal experiences, how mean, selfish, cruel, humankind in its collective or individual manifestations, could be. "Civilization at its extreme produces crimes often worse than extreme barbarism," wrote French 19th century novelist Barbey d'Aurevilly. Well, I am not a lot of an optimistic myself. One of my favorite as it comes to political sciences is Th. Hobbes. Yet, this diary is about positive attitudes and positive feedback. Let me start with the anecdotes that prompted me into this diary.

In need of some optimism, these days we need to look back .. forward looking is plenty of doom.

'Sapere aude'

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