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History Lesson Madeleine Albright and the Berkeley Commencement | May 2000 |

Madeleine Albright's legacy is a reminder that Clinton's Iraq policy was murderous too

Albright balancing sanctions on Iraq and half a million infant deaths by 1996

"They Dignified Our University" -- Anti-Sanctions Protesters Rock Berkeley's Commencement

In February 1998, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Secretary of Defense William Cohen, and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger held a "town meeting" at Ohio State University to rally public support for a new round of bombing of Iraq. Despite the administration's careful orchestration of the event, the officials were repeatedly embarrassed by sharp questions from the audience about the devastating impact of economic sanctions on the Iraqi people, and the double standards inherent in US foreign policy in the Middle East. The Ohio State "town meeting" was a symbol that the anti-sanctions movement, long tiny and isolated, had come of age.

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Commencement Speech by University Medalist Fadia Rafeedie | Campus News - 10 May 2000 |

Because Secretary Albright didn't even mention Iraq, and that's what they were here to listen to. And I think sometimes NOT saying things - not mentioning things - is actually lying about them.

And what I was going to tell her while she was sitting on the stage with me, I was going to remind her and I was going to remind you that four years ago from this Friday when we were freshmen, I heard her on 60 Minutes talking to a reporter who had just returned from Iraq.

The reporter was describing that a million children were dying [died] due to the sanctions that this country was imposing on the people of Iraq. And she told her, listen, "that's more... children than have died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Do you think the price is worth it?" [Albright] looked into the camera and she said, "the price is worth it."

And I was going to tell her, "do you really think the price is worth it??!" Since that time, 3 times that number of people have died in Iraq.

I mean, we're about 5,000 here today. Next month by the time we graduate, that's as many people who are going to die in Iraq because of the sanctions. This is what House Minority Whip David Boniors calls 'infanticide masquerading as policy.'

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