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the deadliest assumption in leading US hegemony is, every adversary plays The Imperialist and by one book of rules--first past the post, zero-sum, singularity, modernity, total world domination. Rules western politicians don't even honor!

Ethnic nativity will defy the grandeur of every conceit vested in mercantilist civilization embroidered by European intellectual history of "progress"--right up to and beyond Kennan mistaking resentment for envy; Envy is tanamount to a "national security" threat to the US which is the only government that has ever employed nuclear arms to annihlate civilians in a war it had already won.

This was true when FDR connived to enter WWII and "discovered" kamakazi fighters. It was true for the host of ignorant "statesmen" who inherited his state department and antagonized communist Korea, communist Han, Viet Cong, "raghead" sheiks and "islamist" suicide bombers, and independent states of Africa and India. So it shall be for Russia's heirs.

The idea of personal omnipotence is a  fallacy. No one realizes leadership alone. No leader acts alone.

by Cat on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 at 09:19:58 PM EST
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