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Politico | Biden requests $813B for national defense, 28 Mar
"The result is a blueprint that adds $20 to $30 billion a year to the budget topline in 2024 and 2025 over what had initially been envisioned, as 'the president was persuaded by the secretary's arguments and agreed to give us this money,' the official said."

White House | Remarks by President Biden on Actions to Lower Gas Prices at the Pump for American Families, 31 Mar

Look, I'm a capitalist.  I have no problem with corporations turning a good profit.  But companies have an obligation that goes beyond just their shareholders: to their customers, their communities, and their country. No American company should take advantage of a pandemic or Vladimir Putin's actions to enrich themselves at the expense of American families.
We need to embrace all the tools and technologies that can help us free us from our dependence on fossil fuels and move us toward more homegrown clean energy technologies made by American companies and American workers so we can bolster democratic supply -- excuse me -- domestic supply chains here at home and export those technologies around the world to reduce greenhouse gases.

That's why, today, I am issuing a directive to strengthen our clean energy economy.  I'm going to use the Defense Production Act to secure American supply chains for the critical materials that go into batteries for electric vehicles and the storage of renewable energy: lithium, graphite, nickel, and so much more.
If your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity, like solar or heat pumps, you can save about $500 a month [year] on average. Don't take my word for it.  The CEOs of 11 of America's largest utility companies came to see me at the White House several weeks ago.  They told me if we pass my plans before the Congress now, typical families will see savings show up in their utility bills immediately.  And costs will come down even more as we innovate and develop cutting-edge energy storage technologies, clean hydrogen technology, advanced nuclear technology, carbon capture- and sequestration technologies. And, by the way, this weeks, the benefit I included in the ["]Bipartisan Infrastructure Law["] to help families weatherize their homes are being delivered.

My administration is making $3.2 BILLION available from this legislation to provide up to $6,500 direct payment for working-class families to be able to weatherize their homes, to save them money, to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It's a direct grant.

This program has been around for a while, and in the past, it's delivered to families -- average families another $327 [$372] in savings when they weatherize.  But now we have the ability to reach 10 times as many families because of the legislation that we already passed in the legislation.  But now we have the ability to reach 10 times as many families because of the legislation that we already passed in the legislation.

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