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other than implausible deniability, articulated by NATO politicians: Joint national security interests in an alliance with Ukrainian "territorial integrity" has nothing to do with developing NATO's militant enterprise and tactical capabilities needed to destroy threats, posed by the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, to imperial pretentions of "western" civilization.  

I'd like to believe that someone beside myself took a balmer minute to verify the claim, "Ukraine is Europe's poorest nation," before gov.ua submits it's applications for fast-track, war-time uhhh acession into the EU27 as well as formal NATO membership.

What is the free world "fighting" for in Ukraine? I for one have difficulty accepting the objective is trading "energy independence" from Russia for Ukraine's capital contributions to EU27 political cohesion and economic stability.

EU27 enlargement, ostensibly intended to formalize ethnic affinity and territorial unity opposed to integration of the Russian Federation with "Europe"?

worldpopulationreview; eurostat | EU27 Real GDP per capita, Serbia

EU27 enlargement, ostensibly intended to consolidate, or harmonize, the trading bloc's regulatory functions and future prosperity?

MIT-OEC country profile, a/o CYE 2020

There's more, lest one be seduced by exingencies of Zelensk* "vision" of restoring Ukraine to its former glory. ceic | Ukraine Trade Balance, 1998 - 2022

by Cat on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 at 06:20:10 PM EST

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