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Executions by Ukrainian National Guard (Azov)

To place this war and the Ukrainian far right in its historical context, Rania Khalek was joined by Tarik Cyril Amar, a historian from Germany, who is currently associate professor of history at Koc University in Istanbul, working on Russian, Ukrainian, and generally East European history.

Those who refuse to educate themselves with lessons from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Falling for Western propaganda. Discounting the opinion of you fellow human being ... being antagonistic where arguments fail.

"Lessons from the past may not always ward off doom, but they can provide insights into the present and even the future."

From my latest diary Zelensky A Leader Failed to Rise from the Ashes

On January 17, 1961, in this farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the establishment of a "military-industrial complex."

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