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German model apprentice Baerbock

More hawkish than Chancellor Olaf Schulz ...

German Greens' Reality Check
Why a Green Government Will Frustrate the Country's Allies on Security

A government in which the Greens play a key role is unlikely to give Germany the security policy its NATO allies expect. To be sure, Baerbock leads a party that's moved away from its anti-NATO, pacifist roots in the peace movement 40 years ago. They now see the military alliance as an "indispensable actor for European security" and have strong commitment to strengthening multilateralism and the European Union.

The new Greens are hawkish on human rights and the rule of law. They have been forceful in their attacks on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's self-styled "illiberal state" project at the heart of the EU. They have also positioned themselves forcefully against authoritarian great powers. Norbert Röttgen, the CDU chairman of the Bundestag's Foreign Affairs Committee, is right to say that "the Greens have the clearest stance of all the parties on China and Russia."

Germany's Baerbock attempts to square the circle with Poland | EurActiv - Dec 10, 2021 |

Secretary Blinken in a moderated discussion with German FM Annalena Baerbock | Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2022 |

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