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Do you mean 1st February? What exactly in the head of the politicians you worship made it impossible to call for the enforcement of Minsk 2 after the Memorandum delivered by the Russians in December 2021? If you cared for the Ukranians, you could simply have called for Misk 2 to be implemented.

You mentioned once you are from NZ, so it might be that you feel closer to the Anglo world, which apparently had decided again to eliminate the European rival by making European territories the battlefield in their latest military adventure. Ready to die to the last European, obviously.

Even CBC now says that 'the war in Ukraine is changing and the West now faces a stark choice'. That is not exactly what the MSM have been selling people like you for the last 2 months ("the war will be smooth and easy". People of my generation and older know that the people who call for war are never those who are actually affected by them.


"I think the bigger problem for us, or the bigger challenge -- that's the collective 'us', this includes Canada -- is we have to decide that we're going to win," retired U.S. lieutenant-general Ben Hodges told CBC News.

"It's not about just keeping Ukraine in the fight. It's about winning. And that means we're going to do everything necessary to make sure that Ukraine is successful that does not require putting American or Canadian or British troops on the ground." "

Todd has a brilliant analysis of the situation (he speaks of the war a lot, in spite of the title)

by Tom2 on Wed Apr 20th, 2022 at 03:01:34 PM EST
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