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Here's a free access article in Nature saying that 2 C or even 1.5 C of warming is possible, IF drastic action is taken starting immediately.

From the abstract:

Here we show that warming can be kept just below 2 degrees Celsius if all conditional and unconditional pledges are implemented in full and on time. Peak warming could be limited to 1.9-2.0 degrees Celsius (5%-95% range 1.4-2.8 °C) in the full implementation case. Limiting warming not only to `just below' but to `well below' 2 degrees Celsius or 1.5 degrees Celsius urgently requires policies and actions to bring about steep emission reductions this decade, aligned with mid-century global net-zero CO2 emissions.

Article abstract appears to be more optimistic than the body text.

by asdf on Fri Apr 15th, 2022 at 10:26:32 PM EST

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