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Final score from my polling place :

Candidate      Tendency                Votes    Percent
Macron          Capital-liberalist       256     33,77%
Mélenchon     Strongman-leftist      209     27,57%
Jadot            Green                       79     10,42%
Le Pen           Hard right                75      9,89%
Zemmour        Hardest right           57      7,52%
Péceresse      Vestigial centre right  23    3,03%
Roussel         Palaeo-Communist     20      2,64%
Hidalgo           Vestigial centre left   15     1,98%
Dupont Aignan   Harder right         12      1,58%
Lasalle         Folklorist                   8       1,06%
Poutou        Trotsko-wokist            3       0,40%
Arthaud       Trotsko-stalinist         2      0,26%

I'm proud of my hood. It's fairly typical of the more progessive cities (as I noted above : urban, young, ethnically diverse and left leaning). Personally I noticed the astonishing number of young voters, also the turnout among Black and North African-origin voters was higher than anything I've ever seen in 15 years of poll-volunteering in Lyon.

AND they voted overwhelmingly Mélenchon. No forensic proof of that, but that's the obvious conclusion (Mélenchon won in the "overseas" departements of the Carribean and Indian Ocean which is real interesting)

I will be studying the numbers in detail in the coming weeks... I won't be the only one... Legislative elections in June.

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by eurogreen on Sun Apr 10th, 2022 at 09:28:46 PM EST
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