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Anatoly Shariy has lived in the EU for 10 years, and has been accused of peddling Kremlin propaganda.

Spain arrests Ukrainian blogger accused of 'high treason' by Kyiv | Politico |

Shariy, once known for his investigations into alleged corruption in Ukraine's government, has been widely accused by Ukrainian media and politicians of peddling pro-Kremlin narratives to his large online following. Shariy strongly denies the allegations, and once vowed to give €1,000 to anyone who could demonstrate any pro-Russian content in his posts.

The blogger, who has almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube alone, fled Ukraine 10 years ago, claiming that he faced persecution by Kyiv's authorities, and was granted political asylum in Lithuania. In 2021, Vilnius revoked his permanent residency permit and declared him persona non grata, although by that time Shariy had already moved to Spain.

In 2019, the blogger launched the Party of Shariy, a right-wing, Euroskeptic political party that went on to score 2.2 percent in a general election the same year. In March, the party was suspended alongside others for suspected ties to the Russian government.

Detenido en Tarragona el bloguero prorruso Anatoli Shariy, acusado por Ucrania de traición | El Mundo |

The blogger has been at the disposal of the National Court this morning assisted by the same lawyer who defends Carles Puigdemont, Gonzalo Boye.

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